PITCH 4 TEENZ Programs

About This Program

We know that teens are busy in today’s world! That’s why we made PITCH 4 TEENZ a one-day workshop full of teen fun and education. PITCH 4 TEENZ is for teenagers ages 13 – 17y/o.

PITCH 4 TEENZ focuses on the same resilience-building core concepts included in the PITCH 4 KIDZ 3-Day Weekend Workshop but with teen appeal! Core resilience-building concepts include: knowledge about addiction and treatment and recovery, identifying and sharing feelings, safety, coping skills, and problem-solving. Concepts are taught at a developmentally appropriate fun way that teens can relate to!

ALL P4K programming, whether for KIDZ, TEENZ, PARENTZ, or presentations for professionals, incorporates fun, creative, and exciting activities to teach resilience concepts!

Download the Initial Registration packet below to start your adventure in a PITCH 4 KIDZ program.

Initial Registration Packet 2016

Download the Second Registration packet after your first registration packet has been received and accepted for participation in a PITCH 4 KIDZ program.

Second Registration Packet 2016