Pitch 4 Kidz FAQs

Why is it important for children to participate in a KIDZ program?

Each of us who advocates for a child is dedicated to their healthy emotional and physical development. All children deserve healthy coping skills, emotional support and resources. Children are adversely affected by addictions and other mental health issues of a family member or loved one. Research consistently shows that these brain diseases tend to run in families; leaving children at a higher risk for chronic developmental and attachment trauma which impacts their future relationships and potential for addiction themselves.

Giving children developmentally appropriate education and support empowers them with skills that increase their resilience. This is prevention in it’s purest form as it goes beyond “Just Say No,” to address the chronic trauma effects caused by the challenges of living in a home where a loved one struggles with addiction and mental health issues. Children regain their freedom in understanding that their family’s struggles are not their fault, and that they can be kids!

What do children do in the program?

The PITCH 4 KIDZ weekend workshop, and other programming, offers education about addiction, emotional literacy, coping skills, safety, and problem-solving. Program concepts are taught in kid-friendly, fun ways using music, art, role-play, games, and writing. The program features a balanced blend of learning, playing and growing. Youngsters learn about addiction in an age-appropriate way, share feelings, develop a variety of coping and self-care skills and build upon their strengths and intrinsic worth. Just as importantly, the program provides the opportunity for children to be kids, as recreation and other fun activities are included in the program.

How does the program help a family deepen its healing?

Children have an opportunity on the 3rd day of the program to “teach” their parents concepts they have learned; giving them a voice in the family system and an important, empowering role. Often the weekend program is the first time KIDZ and their parents have been able to talk about the disease openly, and with a common vocabulary. The program offers parents information on the cumulative effects of daily developmental and attachment trauma, and how the family can use the skills taught in the program to increase individual and family resilience. One of the most important gifts children are given at PITCH 4 KIDZ is the freedom of knowing they can love their parents, and be really mad at Addiction.

What can I say to patients/parents to encourage their participation?

Children actively participating in their own recovery program is a new idea for many parents and family members who struggle with the disease of addiction. Recovery is a gift to children, but more so when they are given an understanding and ability to articulate their experience of addiction and treatment and recovery. Children need their own place to heal from the family addiction/trauma cycle. At PITCH 4 KIDZ, we believe that Family Recovery can only occur if the entire family is included in developmentally appropriate ways.

What days do the PARENTZ/CAREGIVERZ participate?

Parents and Caregivers participate in a Parent Orientation one week prior to the weekend-workshop program. There is a brief time allotted on the first day of the weekend workshop program to answer questions. Parents and caregivers then participate all day on the 3rd day of the workshop with their children.

What happens at the conclusion of the program?

At the end of the 3rd day, a PITCH 4 KIDZ staff member will meet with parents and caregivers individually to give feedback and make recommendations and referrals based on the weekend assessments. KIDZ are encouraged to participate in monthly “Clubhouse” events where concepts are reinforced and kids find continued support with peers and other families who have been through the program.

How often does the Children’s Program take place? 

The PITCH 4 KIDZ weekend workshop is currently offered monthly. Programs take place at the PITCH 4 KIDZ office in Scottsdale, AZ. PITCH 4 KIDZ also offers a program in Flint, MI.

How old must children be to participate in the program?

The PITCH 4 KIDZ weekend workshop addresses the developmental needs of children ages 6-12 years old. The one-day PITCH 4 TEENZ workshop focuses on teens ages 13 – 16 y/o.

How much does the program cost?

The fee for the PITCH 4 KIDZ weekend program is $450.00 per child, which includes snacks, lunches, workshop materials, and parent participation. Full and partial scholarships are available. The actual cost per child to run the program is much higher. The difference in cost is made up through the generous donations of individuals and corporations.

Does the addicted person need to be in recovery for the children to participate?

No. If a parent is still actively using substance, we encourage another parent/caregiver to bring the child(ren) to the program. In fact, if a child has a parent/family member who is still in active addiction the program is even more critical for the child, as this situation fosters many difficult feelings and increases isolation.

Does the addicted person need to be in recovery to participate?

Yes, a minimum of 30 days or currently participating in a treatment program is required. All participants will remain free of mood-altering chemicals for the weekend program’s duration and for monthly PITCH Clubhouse events.

How do I register a child for the program?

For the Arizona program, call 480-607-4472 or email Stacey@pitch4kidz.org. You may also print the Initial Registration Form for Arizona and Scholarship Form from the website and submit to the address on the form.

For the Michigan program, call 810-618-3079. You may also print the Initial Registration Form for Michigan and scholarship form from the website and submit to the address on the form.

Does PITCH 4 KIDZ have other programs available?

Yes! PITCH 4 KIDZ has a monthly “Clubhouse” aftercare program for KIDZ ages 6-12 y/o that supports the concepts learned in the 3-day weekend workshop. PITCH also has a one-day TEENZ workshop, and special programs offered on a need basis for PARENTZ. PITCH 4 Professionals offers training opportunities for professionals in the mental health fields. PITCH 4 HEROES will be a 3-day weekend workshop with special emphasis on military and 1st responder families.

What if I am still unsure if our family is a good fit for PITCH 4 KIDZ programming?

We are happy to meet with you in person to discuss any of our programming and see if PITCH 4 KIDZ is a good fit for your family’s needs. Contact us to make an appointment today!