Children are impacted significantly by their family members’ addictions and other brain diseases that impart confusing symptoms like anxiety or depression. Children living in these homes are often exposed to the chronic trauma of neglect and instability as well as emotional, physical and sexual abuse. As is evident by the ACES study, the impact on their education, behavior, mental health and self-esteem is devastating. These kids are four times more likely to become addicts as adults than other children and are at higher risk for emotional and behavioral problems. PITCH 4 KIDZ, a program of Hope Network, is designed to offer support and education to children and families.

Mission statement: PITCH 4 KIDZ is dedicated to providing integrative trauma treatment for children’s healing for children living in families affected by substance abuse and other chronic developmental and attachment trauma.

    • One in four children in the U.S. is affected by a parent’s drug or alcohol abuse. Their initial exposure happens at home.
    • Many of these children experience, emotional and behavioral problems, neglect, abuse, and trauma.
    • PITCH is a 3-day psycho-educational workshop for children ages 6-12, designed to help break the multigenerational cycle of addiction and offer hope for family recovery.
    • The PITCH program design was created from curricula outlined in the Children’s Program Kit published by Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration.
    • The PITCH 4 KIDZ program helps children build resilience, reduce feelings of shame and isolation, and teaches healthy coping skills while improving social competence.
    • PITCH staff members and volunteers implement games, role-play exercises, art, music, movies, and literature to impart information about the disease of addiction, treatment and recovery.
    • Family members participate and learn a common language of addiction and recovery, communication skills and set plans for healthy, recovery focused family interactions
    • Ongoing support activities are offered monthly for the entire family to participate in activities designed to support recovery and reinforce messages learned in the initial workshop.
    • PITCH 4 KIDZ is a unique program spreading strength and hope in Arizona, with goals of expanding to other states.

PITCH 4 KIDZ is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) that relies on donations to provide services that can help break the cycle of addiction and consequences or chronic trauma. Please consider helping us ensure brighter futures for our children.