Books and Other Materials for Families

There are numerous helpful books and media materials available to learn more about the disease of addiction and treatment and recovery. It’s important that materials be introduced age-appropriately and with follow-up family discussions to clarify what has been learned.

For Children:

Al-Anon Family Groups – What’s “Drunk,” Mama?
Banks, Ann – Alone At Home. Atheneum
Bissell, LeClair -The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much. Bibulophile Publishing.
Black, Claudia – My Dad Loves Me, My Dad Has a Disease. (Revised) MAC Publishing
Brennan, Gale Patrick & Rita Wisniewski – I Know They Love Me Anyway. DePaul Rehabilitation Hospital.
Brisson, Pat – The Summer My Father Was Ten. Boyds Mills Press.
Brown, Cathey: LaPorte, Elizabeth and Jerry Moe – Kids’ Power Too! Words to Grow By.
Imagin Works.
Carbone, Elisa Lynn – My Dad’s Definitely Not a Drunk. Waterfront.
Carlson, Nancy – I Like Me. Penguin Putnam Books.
Crary, Elizabeth – I’m Lost. Parenting Press, Inc.
Crowley, Richard and Joyce Mills – Cartoon Magic. Magination Press.
Curtis, Jamie Lee – Today I Feel Silly. Joanna Cotler Books; Harper Collins Publisher.
DiGiovanni, Kathie – My House Is Different. Hazelden Publishing
Freeman, Lory – It’s My Body. Parenting Press, Inc.
Freyman, Saxton & Joost Elfers – How Are You Feeling: Foods With Moods. Arthur A. Levine Books & Scholastic Books.
Gordon, Sol and Judith – Did The Sun Shine Before You Were Born? Prometheus Books
Grand-Tabor, Nancy Maria – Bottles Break. Charlesbridge Publishing
Hall, Lindsey and Leigh Cohn – Dear Kids of Alcoholics. Gurze Books.
Hammond, Mary – My Mom Doesn’t Look Like an Alcoholic. Health Communications, Inc.
Hasting and Typpo – An Elephant in the Living Room. Hazelden Publishing
Higgins, Pamela Leib – Up and Down the Mountain. Small Horizons.
Johnson Institute – A Story About Feelings. Hazelden Publishing.
Jance, Judith A. – Welcome Home: A Child’s View of Alcoholism. Charles Franklin Press.
Kenny, Kevin and Helen Krull – Sometimes My Mom Drinks Too Much. Raintree Children’s Books.
Langsen, Richard C. – When Someone In My Family Drinks Too Much. Dial/Penguin Books.
Leiner, Katherine – Something’s Wrong In My House. Franklin Watts, Inc.
Mercury, Catherine – Think of Wind. One Big Press.
Modesitt, Jeanne – Sometimes I Feel Like A Mouse. Scholastic Press.
Palmer, Pat – Liking Myself. 3rd Edition. Boulden Publishing.
Palmer, Pat – The Mouse, the Monster and Me: Assertiveness for Young People. 3rd Edition. Boulden Publishing.
Parr, Todd – The Feel Good Book. Megan Tingley Books; Little, Brown & Co.
Reding, Raymond & Francoise Hugues – Pablito’s Secret- Spanish Edition. Casterman Publishing
Schwartz, Linda – I Am Special. Creative Teaching Press.
Seixas, Judith S. – Alcohol: What It Is, What It Does. Greenwillow Books.
Seixas, Judith S. – Drugs, What They Are, What They Do. Greenwillow Books.
Sinberg, Janet and Dennis Daley – I Can Talk About What Hurts. Hazelden Publishing.
Stanek, Muriel – Don’t Hurt Me, Mama. Albert Whitmen & Co.
Suerth, Patricia – I Would Prefer Not To. Hazelden Publishing.
Thomas, Jane Resh – Daddy Doesn’t Have To Be A Giant Anymore. Clarion Books.
Thomas, Marlo – Free To Be You & Me. Running Press
Vigna, Judith – I Wish My Daddy Didn’t Drink So Much. Albert Whitman & Co.

For Adolescents:

Balcerzak, Ann M. – Hope for Young People with Alcoholic Parents. Hazelden Publishing.
Brooks, Cathleen – Secret Everyone Knows. Hazelden Publishing.
Hornick-Beer, Edith Lynn – A Teenager’s Guide to Living an Alcoholic Parent. Hazelden Publishing.
Leite, Evelyn & Pamela Espeland – Different Like Me: A Book for Teens Who Worry About Their Parents’ Use of Alcohol/Drugs. Johnson Institute.

For Parents:

Beattie, Melody – The Language of Letting Go, Daily Meditation for Co-Dependents.
Hazelden Publishing.
Black Ph.D., Claudia – Straight Talk: What Recovering Parents Should Tell Their Kids About Drugs & Alcohol. Hazelden Publishing.
Black Ph.D., Claudia – It Will Never Happen to Me. MAC Publishing.
Brown, Ph.D., Stephanie – The Alcoholic Family in Recovery. The Guilford Press.
Brown & Lewis – The Family Recovery Guide. New Harbinger Publications.
Cermak, MD., Timmen – Diagnosing & Treating Co-Dependence. Hazelden Publishing.
Crumbley, Eds. Joseph & Robert Little – Relatives Raising Children. Child Welfare League
of America
Dayton PhD, Tian – The ACOA Trauma Syndrome, Health Communications
Deaton, MA., Wendy – Drinking & Drugs in My Family. Hunter House.
Deaton, MA., Wendy – My Own Thoughts and Feelings for Girls. Hunter House.
Deaton, MA., Wendy – My Own Thoughts and Feelings for Boys. Hunter House.
Deutsch, Charles – Broken Bottles, Broken Dreams: Understanding & Helping Children of Alcoholics. Teachers College.
Faber, Adele & Elaine Mazlish – How to Talk to Your Kids So They Will Listen So They Will Talk. Avon Books.
Faber, Adele & Elaine Mazlish – Liberated Parents Liberated Children: Your Guide to a Happier Family. Avon Books.
Fossum & Mason – Facing Shame: Families in Recovery. W.W. Norton Publishing.
Glenn, H. Stephen – Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World. Primo Publishing.
Gordon, Thomas – Parent Effectiveness Training. Random House.
Mercury, Catherine – Think of Wind. One Big Press.
Middleton-Moz, Jane – Masters of Disguise: Shame and Guilt. Health Communications.
Moe, Jerry – Understanding Addition and Recovery Through a Child’s Eyes. Health Communications.
Nakken, Craig – Reclaim Your Family from Addiction Workbook. New Harbinger Publications. Inc.
Nelson, Jane – Positive Discipline for Parenting in Recovery. Prima Publishing.
Porterfield, Kay Marie – Coping with an Alcoholic Parent. The Rosen Publishing Group.
Ryerson, Eric – When Your Parent Drinks Too Much. Facts on File.
Scales, Cynthis G. – Potato Chips for Breakfast. Quotidian Press.
Seixas, Judith – Living With A Parent Who Drinks Too Much. Greenwillow Books.
Sipp, Carey – The Turn Around Mom: How an Abuse & Addiction Survivor Stopped the Toxic Cycle in Her Family, And You Can Too! Health Communications.
Wegscheider -Cruse, Sharon – Another Chance: Hope & Health for the Alcoholic Family. Science & Behavior.
White, Kathryn – When They Fight. Oxford University Press.
Wood, June Rae – A Share of Freedom. Putnam.
Woititz, Ed.D., Janet – Adult Children of Alcoholics. Health Communications.
Woititz, Ed.D., Janet – Life Skills for Adult Children. Health Communications.
Wolf, Ph.D., Anthony E. – Get Out of My Life But First Could You Drive Me & Cheryl to the Mall? Farrer, Straus & Giroux.

Amen, Daniel – Which Brain Do You Want
McCauley, Kevin – Pleasure Unwoven
The Disease Model of Addiction
SAMHSA, Matrix Family Education Videos
Warshak, Richard, Welcome Back Pluto

Health Information Telephone Numbers:

AL-ANON Family Group Headquarters 800-356-9996
AL-ATEEN & Its Sponsors 757-563-1600
Alcohol and Drug Helpline 800-821-4357
CHILDREN/National Child Abuse Hotline 800-4-A-Child
National Health Information Center 800-336-4797