PITCH Letters from Parents/Caregivers
For the “Why we Do It” Bubble 2: “Stories/Letters from KIDZ, Families, & Professionals”

Dear PITCH 4 KIDZ Staff,

I have been thinking about you & just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your program PITCH 4 KIDZ. When I heard about your program, I knew it was tailor made for my niece. She was able to attend the workshop you held, and she absolutely loved it. She was really looking forward to going and she had such a good time. She was really energized when we picked her up after the first day. She shared with us some of the fun games that she played, but she told us that what happened there, stays there because of confidentiality. She did share that she liked the “Rock Game” because she was able to pick a rock and tell her story. She told me “Auntie, I cried and got it out and I feel better.” Wow! And that is all she shared, which I thought was very appropriate.

I had a difficult time convincing my sister to let my niece go, as she was worried about what her husband would think. I had to use all of my powers of persuasion, and I know that the staff spoke with her also to help her feel comfortable with the idea, and it turned out beautifully.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate your mission with kids. You are a blessing, keep doing what you are doing as you are making the world a better place.

C.J. from AZ




I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my daughter. This past weekend was literally a life changing event for the both of us. Thoughout my addiction, I always thought I was able to hide it. After listening to my daughter read her letter, I realized just how much she did know and see. Thanks for PITCH 4 KIDZ we were able to give my daughter the words she didn’t have to communicate her fears, feelings, and experiences. She was able to gain knowledge, and understanding about not only addiction, but the difference between addiction and the person. She learned about what was not her responsibility and that there is help, like treatment and recovery out there. She learned the concept of self-care.

Since returning home from PITCH 4 KIDZ she has expressed “Mom I don’t have to be shy anymore. There are a lot of kids just like me.”

My daughter has said “I love you Mom” more in the last 4 days than ever in the past year. This morning on our way to school she expressed, “I wish today was Friday so I could do PITCH 4 KIDZ all over again.” This is just a handful of things she has said since coming home. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my daughter. You not only gave her coping skills, but you gave my daughter her voice. I will be forever grateful to you and this program.

K.L (the grateful mother)



Hello Stacey,

I wanted to again thank you for your weekend program that was offered to my son.

When we left on Sunday he said “I wish I could do this every weekend for the next year!” He learned so much and I know has a better understanding of what is going on. He is able to better articulate his feelings and emotions. Sunday was very emotional for me as well and made me realize how many rocks I am carrying in my backpack. The program was a huge eye opener for me.

I wanted to invite you to educate my colleagues on the program that you are offering our future generation. With the hope to generate referrals to your fabulous  program.   Please let me know if you are available or what date would be better for you.

T. W. from AZ