The Barney Fund

Scholarships Support KIDZ

The Barney Fund” was established in 2014 to help provide scholarships for children who would otherwise not be able to afford to participate in PITCH 4 KIDZ programs. The fund is in memory of former Major League Baseball trainer Francis “Barney” Nugent, who dedicated his life to helping others. Barney had a cherished ability to support others’ dreams and aspirations, and was unwavering in his love for family and friends. He understood the importance of fostering healthy emotional and interpersonal connections and of strengthening families. Barney was a founding supporter of PITCH 4 KIDZ and a personal friend to the Beck family.

It is the goal of PITCH 4 KIDZ to be accessible to ALL children ages 6-12 who would benefit from the program. We believe that no child should ever be turned away from the opportunity to learn skills and find support through their own exploration/discovery/recovery program because of financial barriers.

Families who are in need of financial assistance to participate in PITCH programming are invited to fill out a scholarship application to submit with the Initial Registration Forms. The Initial Registration Forms can be printed from this website and returned for review from the PITCH 4 KIDZ staff. Full and partial scholarships are available.

Aftercare PITCH Clubhouse!
For families who receive scholarships, we request that children participate in a minimum of 6 monthly Aftercare Clubhouse events in the course of one year following the weekend workshop. The Aftercare Clubhouse program is essential to support and expand concepts learned in the weekend workshop in addition to offering additional skills and support to both children and family members.

ALL P4K programming, whether for KIDZ, TEENZ, PARENTZ, or presentations for professionals, incorporates fun, creative, and exciting activities to teach resilience concepts!
How You Can Give…

Scholarships can only happen with the generous donations of caring people who support the mission of PITCH 4 KIDZ. Please consider donating and helping a child participate in this wonderful, life-changing program.

 On the Donor Page, you can choose a specific program, or current activity you can sponsor. You can also make a financial contribution and specify if you would like your company to match your donation, or if you would like recognition for the sponsorship.