Monthly Clubhouse Aftercare

About This Program

PITCH 4 KIDZ offers a monthly Clubhouse where kids who have participated in the weekend workshop can come with their families for learning and fun!

When we have support with our plans for change, we increase our belief that we can make the change successfully. This concept is called self-efficacy. The PITCH 4 KIDZ aftercare program continues to reinforce messages and concepts learned in the original PITCH 4 KIDZ weekend program, which introducing new concepts to continue to build on resilience.

Each “Clubhouse” event has a theme with activities that support a concept from the weekend program and new learning. Specific Clubhouse dates and times are announced in the PITCH 4 KIDZ newsletter found in the KIDZ ZONE section of the website.

Pre-Requisites to participation in the Clubhouse programs are:

  • Children must have participated in the PITCH 4 KIDZ Weekend Workshop.
  • Children must be between the ages of 6-12 y/o.
  • A minimum of 30 days or currently participating in a treatment program is required for parent/caregiver participation.
  • All participants will remain free of mood-altering chemicals for the program’s duration.
  • RSVP is required to attend the Clubhouse.

ALL P4K programming, whether for KIDZ, TEENZ, PARENTZ, or presentations for professionals, incorporates fun, creative, and exciting activities to teach resilience concepts!

Download the Initial Registration Packet below to get your PITCH 4 KIDZ adventure started!

Initial Registration Packet 2016

Download the Second Registration Packet below after your first registration packet has been received and accepted for participation in a PITCH 4 KIDZ program.

Second Registration Packet 2016