About This Program

PITCH 4 KIDZ is proud to announce a 3-day Weekend Workshop psycho-educational program for children ages 6 – 12 y/o for our local military and 1st responder families. In addition to the original 3-Day workshop content, the Heroes program addresses additional stressors and concerns these children may have about safety and separation and is modified from the original resilience-building focused PITCH 4 KIDZ Weekend Workshop programming with input and collaboration from professionals specializing in this population. The program is designed to help children identify and express emotions appropriately, identify safe people they can talk to, offer self-care, and increase coping skills. In the process of working with a group, participants learn that they are not alone and other families are experiencing similar situations.

Like the original 3-Day Weekend Workshop, the program takes place on a Fri-Sun, 8:30 am-2:30 pm. The first two days of the program, children learn resilience-building concepts around increasing knowledge about addiction/co-occurring issues, feeling identification/expression, coping skills, safety, & problem-solving. All concepts are taught in a fun, developmentally appropriate way. Families meet together on Sunday to share experiences, learn a common language of addiction and recovery, coping skills, and set plans for healthy family interactions in a future focused on recovery. Each child who completes the weekend program graduates with their own “equipment bag” which contains tangible activities and personal strategies designed to build resilience and offer coping and problem solving skills.

After children complete the PITCH 4 KIDZ weekend program, ongoing support activities are offered monthly for the entire family to participate in activities designed to continue building a support system and reinforce messages learned in the initial 3-Day Weekend Workshop. Please see the Monthly Clubhouse for additional information.

ALL P4K programming, whether for KIDZ, TEENZ, PARENTZ, or presentations for professionals, incorporates fun, creative, and exciting activities to teach resilience concepts!

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