Welcome to the new PITCH 4 KIDZ website!

02 Oct Welcome to the new PITCH 4 KIDZ website!

Welcome to the new PITCH 4 KIDZ website! The website is a dream come true for us, and has been many months in the making. The site was made possible by donations from our Michigan affiliate HOPE Network and Xpleo Media.

PITCH 4 KIDZ focus is providing families with information, skills and resources to help navigate the challenges of family addiction. One in four children is significantly impacted by a parent’s substance abuse, and without interventions the affects can alter their emotional, educational and social experiences. We are here to help. The reality is that KIDZ often feel alone when someone they love struggles with substances, our hope is that this website unties families and the community in reducing the shame and stigma associated with the disease of addiction. You are not alone.

This is our official first blog entry, and we are looking forward to communicating with more people in the community about our program and current hot topics in the addiction/trauma fields. The blog will also be a place for sharing ideas and messages of hope for families struggling with the disease of addiction. We want to address topics that are important to you, so please contact us if you have a topic you would like to know more about!

From a practical perspective, the new site enables us to share information on PITCH 4 KIDZ programming and dates with downloadable registration forms and marketing materials. We are hoping this makes the registration process easier for families. We know that what we do is unusual, so information about the program and FAQs are also provided.

Donations and sponsorships make it possible for us to provide quality programming to ALL children who could benefit from the curriculum content. Therefore, donor and fundraising pages are provided on the site with updated information on ways people can participate and contribute to this important work.

At PITCH 4 KIDZ, we are always learning and incorporating the latest research in addiction and trauma/resilience studies into our programming and trauma-informed approach. We find that knowledge helps healing and we are looking forward to making the latest information available on our website. We have tried to incorporate numerous local and national resources to help families and professionals learn more about the disease of addiction, trauma, and the importance of resilience.

We are super excited about the KIDZ ZONE. It has been designed especially for KIDZ to find information and reinforce concepts learned in the 3-Day Weekend Workshop. A component of resilience building is “expecting well,” and we have plans to expand this section of the site with guest speaker input on various kid-friendly topics to help KIDZ explore their hopes and dreams for the future!

In addition to the new website, we are introducing our new logo designed by Xpleo Media! This is a new adventure for us, and we invite your feedback on the new logo.

And finally, an extra-special THANK YOU to Xpleo Media for their generous input, insight, and talent in all aspects of our website design and building experience. The staff listened to our ideas, patiently educated us about the process, and helped us turn our piles of brainstorming papers into a website that is both functional and beautiful!

We hope you enjoy spending time at the new PITCH 4 KIDZ website!

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