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Our goal at PITCH 4 KIDZ is to impart the message to professionals working with families in recovery that children are a critical part of the family recovery process. Research shows that children exposed to adverse childhood experiences are at increased risk for physical, emotional, educational challenges. They are also at higher risk for future substance abuse. Developmentally appropriate interventions increase protective factors and build lifelong resilience.

PITCH 4 KIDZ offers multiple training opportunities to help professionals work with the whole family in a recovery program in competent, compassionate ways that address both addiction and developmental and attachment trauma that occurs in this complex issue.

PITCH 4 KIDZ Presentations and Workshops:
PITCH 4 KIDZ offers other training programs for clinical professionals who want to learn more about helping kids growing up in families struggling with addiction. Presentations and workshops can range from 1 hour to full-day workshops and are available for CEUs. For more information about these opportunities, please contact the PITCH 4 KIDZ office at 480-607-4472.

ALL P4K programming, whether for KIDZ, TEENZ, PARENTZ, or presentations for professionals, incorporates fun, creative, and exciting activities to teach resilience concepts!

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